Par 18 Chipping Drill

“The Par 18 Chipping Drill.” 
Here’s the premise. Lots of players hit the ball well, but they can’t score. For years, I was that guy. Essentially, I could move the ball around the course nicely, but I’d have trouble finishing by getting the ball into the hole. Then I discovered this fun game, which really teaches you to get the ball into the hole.
It’s very simple. You pick out 3 holes on the practice green. For each hole, you’ll do 3 chips — 1 short, 1 medium, and 1 long. At least one of the chips must be from the rough, and at least one must be from the short grass of the fringe. Par for each “hole” is 2, which means par for the entire “course” is 18. The objective is to get the ball in the hole. So you chip the ball, and if you don’t hole out, you have to putt. Keep track of your score. See if you can break “par.”
Do this game once or twice a week, and watch your short game improve!

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