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Golf Course Leagues

Whether you’re a seasoned pro, a weekend warrior, or someone still trying to figure out which end of the club to swing, our leagues welcome all.

Men's League | Tuesdays

Select a permanent tee time on Tuesdays. Click to find out more.

Women's League | Thursdays

Our Women's League plays a new game each week. They play on Thursday. Click to find out more.


Simulator Leagues

Our Simulator Leagues are your ticket to a golfing universe where the only thing faster than your swing speed is the rate at which jokes are flying around. Buckle up, because you’re about to enter the laughter zone – where birdies are the punchlines and eagles are, well, still pretty majestic.

Winter League

This 10 Week League makes December and January pass quickly. It is a competitve league with weekly prizes based on handicap.

Winter League

Sign up begins in November. This league is individual play, but you play as a foursome.

World Tour

An 8 Week League that travels all over the world. A new country each week. It is a two person scramble league. It begins right after the Winter League ends.

World League

This league takes place in February and March. Sign ups begin in January.

Spring League

A quick 4 week league that takes you up to outside golf season. We change the format every year to keep golfers excited!

Spring League

Signs up begin in early March. 


A summer league designed for a grandparent to spend time with a grandchild. It's a 2 person best shot league.


Sign ups begin in late April.

I Love Pizza

Yes! A drop in league for couples! Couples pick the course and format. Each week, the league fee includes a small pizza!

I Love Pizza

This monthly league is celebrating everyone's love of pizza.

Breakfast Club

This drop in league allows you to pick the format and course. Grab a friend and enjoy some breakfast pizza.

Breakfast Club

You'll enjoy this monthly league that is designed more about who you're playing with than anything.

Seniors (55+)

This quarterly league takes place every three months. It is a drop-in league that's perfect for the busy senior who needs a flexible schedule. 

Seniors (55+)

Each week is a different format. Sign up with friends!

Fall League

An 8 Week League in October and November. It's a competitive league with weekly prizes based on handicap.

Fall League

Sign ups begin in September.

Flight Zone Powered by Toptracer Driving Range

Flight Zone Leagues

Chicks with Sticks

Ready to redefine golfing elegance? Join Chicks with Sticks, where swings are sassy, laughter is the best accessory, and the only rule is to have as much fun as possible. It’s not just golf; it’s a fabulous, funny, and fiercely feminine golfing par-tee!

Senior (55+)

Our league is as flexible as your grandkid’s yoga instructor. No commitments, no pressure – drop in when you feel like it, drop out when you’ve had enough laughs, and feel free to drop a few golf-related jokes along the way. Laughter is, after all, the best golf medicine.

Caddyshack League

The coveted title in our league doesn’t go to the best; it goes to the second-to-worst golfer. It’s the pursuit of mediocrity, where near misses and not-quite-perfect putts are the golden ticket to becoming the golfing hero you never knew you could be.

I Love Pizza

Introducing the ultimate fusion of two beloved pastimes: Golf and Pizza! Welcome to the I Love Pizza League. Grab your fellow pizza-loving golf enthusiasts and enjoy a game of virtual golf and some pizza!

Breakfast Club

Join us bright and early for a round of golf like no other, where every swing is fueled by the mouthwatering aroma of breakfast pizza. Picture yourself with a perfect approach shot while savoring the flavors of crispy bacon, fluffy eggs, and gooey cheese atop a perfectly baked crust – that’s the kind of experience you can expect with us.

Competitive Match Play

Get ready to experience the thrill of head-to-head competition  like never before. It’s time for Competitive Match Play Golf – where every stroke counts, and every hole is a battleground for victory.

Play with Us!

Play in one of our Tournaments

Our tournaments are the playgrounds for everyone who believes golf should be a mix of skill, strategy, and the occasional unexpected squirrel encounter. No need for a resume of birdies; all you need is the willingness to swing and a good sense of humor.

Flight Zone

Pin it to Win it

We have a monthly contest at the Flight Zone Powered by Toptracer. To sign up, you download the Toptracer App. When you play, you sign up on the app and follow the instructions on the monitor.

A Leaderboard is posted in the Flight Zone Lounge. At the end of the month, the person at the top of the leaderboard gets $20 in Golf Shop Credits.

We know what you’re thinking – “Is it really that easy?” Yes, dear golfer, it is. Sign up, swing away, and before you know it, you could be the proud owner of Golf Shop Credits and bragging rights that would make even your golf clubs jealous.

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