Golf Outing FAQ's

Here’s a compilation of questions I have been asked over the years on planning a Golf Outing.

How many people do I need for a group discount?

We require at least 12 people for a group discount.

I’m bringing out a group. Do I get anything special?

We provide you one free round for every 12 players. You can keep those coupons for yourself or give them away.

We also have a few games that we help you with if you’re looking to raise money.

How many golfers do you require for a shotgun?

We require a minimum of 40 golfers for a shotgun.

Groups between 40 – 90 will have a modified shotgun.  The course closes to host only your outing once there are at least 90 golfers.

What is a shotgun start?

A shotgun start is when all of the golfers start at the same time, but on different holes. Everyone still plays all 18 holes, but when the play number 18, they move on to play number 1 until all 18 holes have been played. This means that if you start on hole 13, your last hole will be number 12.

What’s a modified shotgun?

In order to have a full shotgun, we require at least 100 golfers to shut down the entire course and place others on all 18 holes. Less than that and we’ll do a modified format. This is when golfers start mostly on the back nine and number one. This allows us to open up the tee sheet to daily fee golfers after your golf outing has passed through number one.

What happens if it rains?

We work with each golf outing individually on weather related issues. It’s pretty rare that an outing has to be completely canceled. We allow golfers to play in the rain as long as there isn’t any lightning. There are many scenarios that come up during golf outings.

  • Sometimes we have a rain delay. When this happens, we house everyone inside until the storm clears, then dry off carts and send people on their way.
  • Other times, we have to stop early due to rain. If you get in fewer than 9 holes, we provide coupons to all golfers to come back for free (green fee and cart included).
  • If you get in 9-13 holes, then we provide rain checks which are allotted for a certain dollar amount.
  • If you play 14 holes or more, then we typically talk to the organizer and get a feel for golfers. Most times, everyone considers they got their money’s worth.
When do I need to give you final numbers?

We need a generalized idea of how many golfers are in your group at least 7 days prior to the event.

When do you need golfer’s names?

We need golfer names at least three days before the event. You can make changes until the day before the event.

Here’s a link to a spreadsheet you can use to provide names:
Google Spreadsheet

How should I format the names?

It works best if you provide the list of names in groups of foursomes.

Write the first and last name in two separate columns. List vertically and leave a space in between each group to show separate foursomes. Alternatively, you can also create a third column that has the team number in it.

We will assign the holes based on the order of list of names. If one group wants to play next to another, simply note that on the page and we will assign holes accordingly.

Here’s a link to a spreadsheet you can use to provide names:
Google Spreadsheet

Is it ok if I only provide team names?

Yes! We get a kick out of golf outings who have team names. Just make sure that everyone in their group knows their team name!

Why do you need names?

The biggest reason to have names is that it makes the golf outing run smoothly. On the day of the event, we’ll provide you a list of your golfers name alphabetized by their last name. This makes ‘check in’ much easier. Right next to their name will be their starting hole.

It is best to at least have the team captains name for the group if you don’t know the names of all golfers.

How do golfers know what cart they use?

Their names are printed on the scorecards which are on the carts. One of our staff members also greets golfers and directs them to their starting hole. Carts are lined up with front nine golfers along our deck while the back nine are placed along the practice green. The starting hole numbers are placed on top of the carts which makes it much easier for golfers to find their carts. The whole process works very smoothly.

How should golfers pay?

We prefer that golfers pay you (the event organizer) directly. This just makes it easier as far as bookkeeping goes because many golf outings charge more for their golf outing than what we collect. If it’s absolutely necessary, then will take payment for golfers and provide a receipt. There is an additional fee for this service because it requires us to have an additional staff person in place to make sure things run efficiently.

Every golf outing at our facility is provided a complimentary tournament website.  You can also take payment on this website.  There isn’t any fee to take checks, but there is a fee added to credit card payments.

Do you make announcements before the golf outing?

Yes! We play music while golfers are arriving and make announcements with our speaker system. As the time draws close to start time, then golfers are gathered and rules are stated. We hold a moment of silence for soldiers overseas and then we shoot a bird banger which sounds like a shotgun. Golfers LOVE it!

My golf outing is only two weeks out and there are only 20 people signed up. Should I cancel?

Sadly, we are a last minute society. Often times golf outings more than double in size in the final two weeks.  Don’t give up or get discouraged.  You got this!  Send those emails and make some phone calls.

Once they see the weather forecast and feel the pressure of time, you’ll have more golfers sign up.

Do you have drink tickets?

Yes! We provide them. They are stapled to the scorecards which are attached to the steering wheels of the carts. Single tickets can be used for all drinks, however, mixed drinks require two tickets.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

Sorry. It’s against the law. We hold the responsibility, insurance and license.  That means you need to leave your alcohol at home.

Do you have coolers?

Yes! We have coolers and offer a 6-pack discount. Coolers do require a deposit which is returned when the cooler is turned back into the clubhouse.

Will you deliver the food to the golfers on the course during the outing?

Yes! We do this often over the lunch hour for golf outings. There are many ways to design your golf outing and this is just another service we provide. No charge as long as food it purchased through us.

I have someone willing to donate food. Can I bring in donated food?

Yes! If you have a business or licensed caterer who is cutting you a deal or donating the food, you can bring it on our premises. We have a $3.00 per golfer charge for room rental which include room set up and linens on the tables.

I’m not familiar with the golf course. Will someone help me place the tee signs?

Yes. If you bring out the tee signs (signs that have sponsorship names on them) the day before the golf outing, we will help you place them.

Do you pick up tee signs after the outing?

Yes! It’s our personal goal to have them all picked up before you’re done passing out prizes. No guarantees, but we’re pretty good at making that happen.

Can I place the tee signs the night before?

No. Sorry. Our irrigation goes on at night and it’s rather powerful and would cause damage to your signs.

I'm trying to save money. Do you have any tee signs I can use?

Yes! You can bring us your logos/sponsor signs on an 8.5×11 sheet of paper. Make sure it is in the landscape format and you can use our signs.

Can I hang banners?

Yes! We have a large deck with a railing that makes a great spot to hang signs.

I have vendors who want to give away product on the golf course. Can they do that?

They can as long as it isn’t alcohol. All alcohol MUST be purchased through us. This is required by state law.

A few of my vendors need tables and chairs. Do you have some they can use?

Yes. If you provide a list of holes that need set up, then we are happy to do that. We need this list at least 3 days before. Our tables aren’t the prettiest, so your vendors might want to bring along a plastic table cloth and something to secure it.

Do you have any pop up tents we can use?

No. Sorry. We don’t. We are happy to help you set up ones you bring, though.

Do you put out pin events?

Yes. You tell us how many you need and we’ll place them for you. We’ll also announce the location of the pin events before golfers take off.

Do you pick up pin events?

Yes. At the conclusion of the event, a staff member will go out and bring in the pin events.

What are pin events?

These are just simple games that take place on the golf course. Typically, they are something like Longest Drive, Closest to the Pin or Longest Putt. Feel free to get crazy with these. We’ve had Closest to the Pond and Closest to the Yard Marker, etc. Feel free to have fun with it. We provide the marker and sign.

Some people call them Pin Prizes or Proximity Signs.  They’re all the same thing.

How should I score the event?

We always recommend that you score by flighting the tournament. This allows average and not-so-averages golfers to win in addition to the best one. Our staff will help you score.

Just remember that when you’re gathering prizes, you will need more than one. Most golf outings are in a foursome format.

I don't know anything about golf. Will someone help me?

Of course!  Why else do you think I created this gigantic list of questions? I love helping people organize their first golf outing. Particularly when they aren’t golfers.  It just takes someone with dedication and some organization skills to produce a great outing.  No golf skills required!

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