New Year's Resolutions: Yoga At Toad Valley!

If you’re looking to fulfill your New Year’s Resolutions, look no further!  Toad Valley is now hosting Blue Lotus Yoga instruction.

Here is the class schedule.

6-7  pm – All Levels

9-10 am – All Levels

6-7 pm – Basics

9-10 am – All Levels
10:15-11 am – Gentle

Basics – Designed for those new to yoga.  We will focus on basic movement and alignment of the body and breath.

​All Levels – ​Designed for everyone.  This class cultivates awareness, flexibility and strength.  Variations and modifications are offered to meet each student’s needs.

Gentle – ​This class moves more slowly than the Basics or All Levels classes. We may utilize a chair or other props. This is a great option for those with limitations.

Paula Sesker is the instructor.  She is amazing and very easy going.  My husband and daughter have taken her classes and love her!  It’s great for your overall well being and will improve your golf game.

Cheryl’s testimonial:
“Yoga has increased my core strength, balance and flexibility all of which I have transferred to my golf game.  The improved strength and flexibility in my hips and spine benefits my rotation during the golf swing.  My increased strength and stability has helped my distance with my woods and irons.
In addition, awareness of my breath helps me to find and maintain mental calmness throughout the game, especially when putting.

I believe most every golfer would benefit from practicing yoga.”

To find our more information and pricing, please visit Blue Lotus website.  There is no need to sign up.  You simply show up to participate.  No experience necessary.  Yoga mats are provided if you’re new to yoga.  Check out the pricing and more information on their website.  

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