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Yoga by Blue Lotus Yoga & Fitness

Looking for a way to improve your core and possibly your golf game? Give yoga a try.

Paula Secker-Johnston is the yoga coach and she provides a very personalized approach to yoga. Whether you are looking to improve flexibility, exercise, or help build strength in your core, Paula customizes the poses to fit your individual needs.

Classes Held:

  • Tuesday 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM – All Levels
  • Thursday 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM – Basics

There’s no need to sign up, you can simply come to the class.

Purchase classes as you come or get a package!

  • $15 – single class (drop-in)
  • $65* – 5 class package (2 month expiration)
  • $120* – 10 class package (3 month expiration
  • $130* – Monthly Unlimited (30 day expiration)
  • *No refunds on class packages

What They're Saying

“A good friend of mine wanted to start yoga, but was reluctant to sign up. I told him, “If you sign up, I’ll sign up.” So we both started classes about two years ago with Blue Lotus Yoga & Wellness. Since I started yoga, I have noticed less back aches, neck pain and I seem to be sleeping much better. Another benefit I didn’t even see coming was an improvement to my golf game. From the tee box, into the fairways and to the greens, greatly improved accuracy and a bit more distance. I’ll attribute the improvements to better flexibility and core strength which leads to better swing control, rotation and follow through. I will continue with my Tuesday / Thursday 6 pm yoga classes and am confident I will continue to see more improvement in myself and in my golf game.”

– Tom 

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