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We make it easy to have a little fun while you’re at work. Toad Valley is an entire golf complex with many options available. Whether you’re entertaining potential clients, giving staff an update or need to boost morale with some team building, we’re your one stop shop for fun.

Add a private room with your team training, then select one of our game options to let your hair loose and relax.

Need some help navigating? No problem. Reach out and we will be glad to make it happen.

Select your game, food and your room. We take care of the rest.

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We aren’t your typical golf course. If your company has many non-golfers, we have other game options that are fun for everyone. If you’re looking for a regular golf outing, visit our golf outing page.

Flight Zone

The Flight Zone is an upgraded Toptracer Driving Range experience with relaxing lounge furniture behind each of our ten bays. Players can cheer each other on at any of our ten bays. Perfect for golfers and non-golfers alike. Each bay can have a different game or you can use the same game for all of them and have a competition set up. 

Day & Time2 Hours3 Hours
Mon-Thurs: 7a - 12p$68$99
Mon - Thurs: 12p-5p & Fridays: 7a - 12p$87$127
Fridays 12-cl & Weekends$96$141

Flight Zone pricing is charged per bay, minimum of three bays. If a portion of your event time falls into a higher tier, you’ll be charged the higher rate. Games can be set up to accomodate 8 players per bay. 

Indoor Simulators

Our Golfzon indoor simulators have moving swing plates that mimic an actual golf course. We have two bays available. They can be set up with different games to attract golfers and non-golfers. There is an arcade feature that includes a dart game and a block game. Perfect for those who are lacking in golf skills.

Day & Time2 Hours3 Hours
Mon-Thurs: 7a - 12p$63$89
Mon - Thurs: 12p-5p & Fridays: 7a - 12p$82$117
Fridays 12-cl & Weekends$91$131

Indoor Simulator pricing is charged per bay. If a portion of your event time falls into a higher tier, you’ll be charged the higher rate. Games can be set up for accomodate 4-6 players per bay. We can set up different games on each simulator.

Field of Green Miniature Golf

The miniature golf is a great way to have a team building activity with prizes for most holes in one, most 3’s, etc. It is a fun and relaxing environment for all skill levels.

DayPer PersonUnlimited
Monday - Friday$5$149
Weekends & Holidays$6$169


We believe that great food is a swingin’ part of any memorable event. Our culinary team puts in the effort to ensure that every bite is a hole-in-one, making your experience on and off the course truly exceptional.


Pricing includes event set up & tear down. All food and beverages must be purchased through Toad Valley. Need more rooms for break out session? No problem. Put your cursor over the room name for capacity and desciption.

Day & TimeEvents Center

Events Center can seat up to 170 people and includes a large deck.

Golfers Lounge

Golfers Lounge can seat up to 60 people and includes a covered patio with additional seating.

Party Room

The party room is located at the miniature golf course. It can seat up to 20 guests and has additional seating on the outside deck.


This is a curtained off area in our main clubhouse. It can seat 30 people and includes a covered veranda area with additional seating.

Flight Zone

Flight Zone room rental per bay. It is to accomodate the set up and clean up time for events.

Mon-Thurs: 7a - 12p$127/hour$47/hour$31/hour$29/hour$99/bay
Mon - Thurs: 12p-5p & Fridays: 7a - 12p$148/hour$76/hour$37/hour$33/hour$129/bay
Fridays 12-cl, Weekends & Holidays$172/hour$99/hour$44/hour$39/hour$142/bay

If a portion of your event time falls into a higher tier, you’ll be charged the higher rate. 

Ready to Party?

We’re excited to host your next event! Let’s get you on the calendar.


How far in advance can I book?

You can book a day, week, month or year in advance. We don’t recommend planning an event in the Toptracer in January or February. This is Iowa and snow storms are unpredictable.

Can I use my coupon?

Sorry, Charlie. Our coupons and donated passes aren’t good for groups and outings.

I have a Gift Card. Can I use it?

Yes! It’s just like cash to us. Use it!

Can I bring cupcakes or cake?

Yes! We do require that it be made by a licensed caterer. We’re sure Grandma is a great baker, but we need to keep our guests safety in mind. All cakes and cupcakes need to be purchased from a licensed caterer.

What's your cancelation policy?

Please refer to your contract. Long story short, we’re pretty easy going.

Do you require a deposit?

We require a $150 deposit to secure the date.

Do you have parking?

Yes! We have many spots and overflow parking for when we’re busier than normal.

Are you ADA compliant?

Yes! Most of our spaces are large enough to accomodate a wheelchair. If you need extra space, just let our staff know.

Do you have any available technology?

All of our event spaces include SmartTVs with casting capabilities. We have WiFi throughout the facility and a speaker system.

Can I bring in outside food or drinks?

Sorry. For corporate events, you’re required to use our catered food and drink service.

Do you have decorations?

Yes. We have decorations you’re able to use.

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