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Board Meetings Can Be Fun?

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m on the NGCOA board.  The NGCOA is the National Golf Course Owners Association.  I represent a Single Course Operator in the Midwest.  The ...


Smokin’ & Eatin’

About four years ago, we purchased a smoker from a catering company.  Along with that catering company, came some of the jobs they had previously serviced.  Since they were farmers, ...


Balloon Backdrop

With the onset of Pinterest, we have seen our couples increasing their creativity over the last three years.  This particular wedding was one of my all time favorites due to the ...

What's Going on at Toad Valley?


Everything is More Fun with a Sister

In case you missed it, I’ve been lacking in my regular posting ...

Tadpole Tournament

A few weeks ago, we ended our month long session with our ...

Launching Rockets

When it comes to kids, we know zero bounds in our entertainment ...

Casey’s Charities

Except for the weather (today’s an exception – today’s weather is perfect), ...

Straight Line Winds

A few weeks ago, we had a big storm hit our neck ...
front row - Dale, Steve, Audrey Back Row Tom and Dan taken i

My Dad. The Original Tom Brady.

It’s Father’s Day, so it only seems natural that I’d talk a ...

Yep! There is even more. . .


Brady & Sara Sitting in a Tree

Brady and Sara were miracle workers in the weather department on the day of their wedding.  Easily one of the most fun and laid back couples that I have had the pleasure of working with. It rained for a majority of the day, but the sun managed to make an appearance just in time for […]

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Alex & Max

A few weeks ago, we had a mad rush to get everything done at our ceremony site for our first wedding ceremony of the year.  Thankfully, Melissa, from Gorman House Photo shared all of her photos with me.  Melissa from Gorman House was fabulous to work with.  She had two second shooters, so Alex and […]

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Let’s Knock That Out

You know how you make something look really pretty, then you stop and look around and realize everything around it looks ugly?  Yeah.  That happened to me.  When we finished the pergola for the ceremony site, we were so excited.  I stood on the stage admiring all of our hard work, then I looked at […]

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Perfect Pergola

We have had a count down for two years to prepare for our new ceremony site.  The stage of the pergola had been built, so it was time to get our stain on!  The trouble with April and May was that it rained.  A lot.  I’m not complaining about the rain because we have gone without […]

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