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Trains. Planes. Automobiles. And Greg Norman.

My trip to the NGCOA conference for 2015 can be summed up in four words. I Hate Ice Storms. Get ready.  This is a long tale of Allison and Theresa’s ...

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Remember the Alamo!

Theresa and I recently traveled to San Antonio to attend the National Golf Course Owner’s Conference.  While there, we had to check out the Alamo.  It is San Antonio after ...

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Golf Industry Show 2015

Theresa and I recently attended the NGCOA (National Golf Course Owners) Annual Conference in San Antonio.  Part of the conference includes attending the Golf Industry Show which has loads of ...

What's Going on at Toad Valley?


Touring Hill Country Golf Club

A few weeks ago, I made my annual pilgrimage to the NGCOA ...

Easter Brunch

Join us for Easter Brunch! Celebrate Easter Sunday with us this year! ...

Yik Yak Breakfast Day!

We had a strange morning in our neck of the woods.  Several ...
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Board Meetings Can Be Fun?

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m on the NGCOA board.  The ...

Iowa State University’s Cyclone Club

I’m fully aware that this post might be the most divisive post ...

Smokin’ & Eatin’

About four years ago, we purchased a smoker from a catering company. ...

Yep! There is even more. . .


Glamorous Jobs

Having grown up on the golf course, I have many stories to tell about all of the many jobs that I have performed over the years.  When I was two years old, my dad would take me with him and I would help him change the cups on the course.  My job was to set […]

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Candy & Old Gorillas

Part of the fun of living in our community is that feels like a small town.  Except.  It isn’t.  Most small towns don’t have amusement parks and Bass Pro shops. My dad grew up in Altoona.  His childhood home still stands along with the first pool in the city of Altoona which happened to be […]

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We have many events at the golf course.  I think my favorite type of event is when we get to seriously surprise someone for their birthday. Our set up is perfect for surprising unsuspecting victims.  Even those who are most suspicious.  The usual method involves someone in the family asking another family member to play golf. […]

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Dangers of Working

On Saturdays, it isn’t uncommon for us to work more than fifteen hours.  We have nicknamed these days Super Saturdays because that makes them seem more fun. (Yeah.  Right.) It isn’t as bad as it sounds.  I don’t sit at a desk for fifteen hours.  The job is constantly changing and evolving as the day […]

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