Everything is More Fun with a Sister

In case you missed it, I’ve been lacking in my regular posting schedule.  I hate it because writing about the adventures of Toad Valley ranks right up there as one ...


Tadpole Tournament

A few weeks ago, we ended our month long session with our junior golfers.  Having three kids, I fully understand the importance of a trophy. It always seemed like the ...


Launching Rockets

When it comes to kids, we know zero bounds in our entertainment factor.  One of my golf instructors is also a physics teacher.  I decided to ask him a few ...

What's Going on at Toad Valley?


Casey’s Charities

Except for the weather (today’s an exception – today’s weather is perfect), ...

Straight Line Winds

A few weeks ago, we had a big storm hit our neck ...
front row - Dale, Steve, Audrey Back Row Tom and Dan taken i

My Dad. The Original Tom Brady.

It’s Father’s Day, so it only seems natural that I’d talk a ...

Brady & Sara Sitting in a Tree

Brady and Sara were miracle workers in the weather department on the ...

Alex & Max

A few weeks ago, we had a mad rush to get everything ...

Let’s Knock That Out

You know how you make something look really pretty, then you stop ...

Yep! There is even more. . .


Perfect Pergola

We have had a count down for two years to prepare for our new ceremony site.  The stage of the pergola had been built, so it was time to get our stain on!  The trouble with April and May was that it rained.  A lot.  I’m not complaining about the rain because we have gone without […]

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New Club Cars

We like to lease our golf cars.  They are something that we turn over frequently because, let’s face it, golfers are pretty hard on carts.  I won’t go into details, but let’s just say golfers definitely don’t treat the carts like their own.  Typically, we trade out our carts about every five years.  A variety […]

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Outdoor Ceremony Site Staging

It’s been a long time coming, but it looks like it will be ready for this coming weekend when we host our first outdoor ceremony for the year.  Building this new site has been a nearly two year long process.  It all started with a drought which made it feasible to build a peninsula.  Last […]

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Miniature Golf Improvements

We have been knocking out projects left and right around here.  Having a late/cold spring means that time is not working in our favor.  When the weather is decent, we do our best to complete as many projects as we can.   Here is a post about several upgrades we have made to our miniature […]

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