Crazy Kitchen Ladies

Over the next three days, my mom and her trusty sidekick, Kerry, will prepare food for over 550 people.  That isn’t unusual for them.  They can crank out food more ...



Ok.  I just looked at the calendar and realized that summer passed me by.  What? Here’s my excuse for not keeping up with the golf course shenanigans.    Then, I’ll ...


Least Favorite Job

When you have a family business, you start working at an early age.  I started helping my dad change the cups on the golf course when I was two.  He ...

What's Going on at Toad Valley?


Table Decor Through Kerry’s Eyes

I tend to forget what I’m doing.  I walk into a room ...

I’ll Take Two of Those

We have a tasting that we hold every year for all of ...
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March Madness Winners

Jason spent a total of 22 hours working on the pool. He ...
2015-02-25 18.23.59

Trains. Planes. Automobiles. And Greg Norman.

My trip to the NGCOA conference for 2015 can be summed up ...
2015-02-26 08.55.54

Remember the Alamo!

Theresa and I recently traveled to San Antonio to attend the National ...
2015-02-25 14.22.20 HDR

Golf Industry Show 2015

Theresa and I recently attended the NGCOA (National Golf Course Owners) Annual ...

Yep! There is even more. . .


Golfing with my Sister

I don’t know about you, but my favorite part of playing golf is the people who make up my foursome.  I have been playing golf on Thursdays with my mom, sister, and aunt Nancy for about 20 years.  In fact, about fifteen years ago, I played golf (best round of my life), then proceeded to […]

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Making Carrot Cupcakes!

We are lucky enough to have a cake decorator on staff.  She claims that making carrots on cupcakes is easy!  Let’s see if you agree! First of all, she made carrot cake in the cupcakes.  Next up, she made a cream cheese frosting in white, orange and green. She begins the process by piping on […]

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Printer Problems

Please tell me I’m not the only one.  I had countless printer problems today.  As in, I finally kicked the printer (literally). Although kicking the printer solved the problem that it wouldn’t close, it did cause a small piece of it to fall off rendering the printer completely useless. Sometimes, I fantasize pushing the entire […]

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Touring Hill Country Golf Club

A few weeks ago, I made my annual pilgrimage to the NGCOA (National Golf Course Owner’s Association) Conference.  It’s a great way to network with fellow golf course owners to get their opinions and trade secrets about what they are doing to help grow the game of golf.  In previous years, I was able to […]

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