Looking for a fun way to mix up your golf game?  Join our Match Play League.

Match play is a scoring system in which the player (in our case a 2 man team) earns a point for each hole in which they have bested their opponents.  The season (and match play points) will last over a 19 week season from April 17 – August 14.

A weekly skins game will also be available.  The cost to participate is $300 ($150 for Season Pass Holders) which includes prize fund, greens fees and cart for the 19 week season.



Jason is a total math nerd.  That’s why he got excited when we decided to implement this new league. Here’s his super nerdy explanation of how everything works.

If math isn’t your thing, then there’s no worries.  You’ll just have to look at the sheet of paper that he posts with your running tally of points for the season.

You play golf.  Jason gets geeky with numbers.  Everyone’s happy!

Points Explanation

Each 9 hole match will play for a total of 25 points each week.  Here’s how those points break down.

There are two separate competitions being played in each foursome.


  1. Each 2 man team (players A & B) will compete with another 2 player team for 2 points per hole (18 points total).  A vs A and B vs B.  The points are divided equally between the A & B teams. One point is in play for each hole. Tied holes will split 1/2 point per person.


  1. The Team of A & B will play the other 2 person team for 7 points.  This score is handicapped with the total score minus total team handicap.  This will determine the score for the team for all 9 holes.  An overall tie would result in splitting the points to 3.5 for each team.
  2. It is possible that your 2 man team will be competing against the other 2 some in you’re playing with, but you won’t find out until the following week.

The points will accumulate from one week to the next with the winners being announced at the end of the 19 week season.

Substitution Choices

First, you need to know that since your rounds are pre-paid, there will be NO charge to substitute a golfer.

In the event that you cannot make your tee time (match), there are three ways you can substitute.

  1.  An actual golfer plays to sub for the absent one.  This golfer MUST have a Toad Valley handicap to be used during play.   Please have any possible substitutes turn in a minimum of two scores to Toad Valley staff to establish this handicap. (In other words, one of your friends fills in for you).
  2. The golfer who is playing alone may play against both of his opponents individually.  In this case, he would be both A & B for his team, then play vs A and vs B.  His 9 hole total (and handicap) will be doubled to figure the team score. (In other words, your partner plays alone and competes alone for that week’s points).
  3. Have the golf course play against the opposing A player.  The course has a -2 handicap.  (What can we say?  The golf course plays really well).  For example, if the A player that is playing against the course has a 5 handicap, he would get a stroke on the 7 hardest handicap holes.  The score on the course for the team portion will be 2 over par or, in Toad Valley’s case, a 37 on the front nine or a 38 on the back nine.  (In other words, your partner still plays alone, but uses the golf course as it’s competing partner).

Regardless of the sub method you select, the substitute will be allowed to win no more than 50% of the total points he is competing for that week.  If the course (or other sub option), actually wins 6 holes of 9, the course would earn 4.5 points and the other player would win all 3 of their points.

IMPORTANT:  Long story short, if you can’t play one week, then you need to make a decision by the Monday before which substitute method you want to use.

If both players in the team cannot play for one week (match), then they will forfeit their points for that week and they’ll go to the competing team.


Here’s the simple version of how you get signed up:

  1.  Find a Partner
  2. Optional (find another twosome to fill out your foursome)
  3. Fill out the Form
  4. Pay the League Fee
  5. Optional – pay for skins and weekly pin events
  6. Play regular golf with your friends for 19 weeks at your designated time
  7. Watch your accumulated points build
  8. Win some form of prize at the end of the season

Have a Question?

We tried to think of everything, but this is the first year for this league. If you have a specific question before you sign up, please let us know.

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