I was contacted recently by a gentleman who grew up playing golf on our course.  He was interested in playing around with a few flyovers with is drone.  Here’s a look at number two.

I told him that I’d be dumb to say no.  Here’s the footage he took.  His company is A Solutions out of Urbandale.

Here’s  a look at number 14.

I told my dad that if I were a bird, I’m not sure why I would ever come down to the ground!  It’s a truly beautiful view!

Post by Allison

I have an amazing husband. Three entertaining children and I work for my family's business. What's that mean? It means I work too much and do the jobs no one else wants to do. The benefit is that I got to make up my title. The Wizard of Fun. It's one of the advantages of working at the family's business. You get to make up titles. I decided I need to share all my adventures and misadventures with the world. At the very least, my mom. She'll read just about anything.

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