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We had a fantastic meeting which lasted two days.  The statewide Genealogical Society had their annual meeting at our place.  It was absolutely fascinating to listen to all of the speakers who walked about 150 people through the process of finding their ancestors. They had experts in many different areas of ancestry.  One thing they […]

Apr 16, 2016





The least fun parts about winter are the long dark nights and the cold weather.  We have the right treat for you to keep your winter exciting!  On Thursday nights, we are offering Paint Nite. Each week at 6 p.m. we have painters (or attempt to paint-ers) come to Toad Valley to drink creatively and […]

If you’re looking to fulfill your New Year’s Resolutions, look no further!  Toad Valley is now hosting Blue Lotus Yoga instruction. Here is the class schedule. Tuesday 6-7  pm – All Levels Wednesday 9-10 am – All Levels Thursday 6-7 pm – Basics Friday 9-10 am – All Levels 10:15-11 am – Gentle Basics – Designed for those new to […]

I get to work with some fantastic people.  When I’m working with a couple leading up their big day, I get to know them very well.  I like them and we joke around.   As we plan, it gets me and my staff excited to see their day to come to fruition.   I think […]

Over the next three days, my mom and her trusty sidekick, Kerry, will prepare food for over 550 people.  That isn’t unusual for them.  They can crank out food more than that old guy from Tennessee who had that cooking show on PBS when I was a kid.  I don’t remember his name, but he […]

The last wedding of the year is always one of my favorites for a number of reasons.  I finally get to hang out with my family on a Saturday night after having worked 4-5 months straight.  It makes it even more fun when the couple is super fun.  That is definitely true of Sam & […]

Ok.  I just looked at the calendar and realized that summer passed me by.  What? Here’s my excuse for not keeping up with the golf course shenanigans.    Then, I’ll get on with the show.  First up, at the end of April, my dear, sweet, grandma passed away.  She was 99 years old and lived […]

When you have a family business, you start working at an early age.  I started helping my dad change the cups on the golf course when I was two.  He always said, “You’re such a great helper.  With you, it only takes me two hours to change cups when it takes me one and a […]

I don’t know about you, but my favorite part of playing golf is the people who make up my foursome.  I have been playing golf on Thursdays with my mom, sister, and aunt Nancy for about 20 years.  In fact, about fifteen years ago, I played golf (best round of my life), then proceeded to […]

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